Type S Model Range

Based and prosthodontics models

Sockel- und Prothetikmodelle
  • Short description

    Upper and lower jaw models, each with an attached base and standard artificial oral mucosa.

  • Indication

    Standard implantations, lateral augmentation techniques (no sinus lift), prosthetic education, impressions with polyether materials

  • Fixing options

    Holding plate, common phantom head systems, free application


The dental education models from our Type S Model Range consist of two versions of an upper and lower jaw model, each with an attached base. They are particularly suitable for simulating standard implantation procedures, as augmentation models for lateral bonegrafting as well as for practicing impressions with polyether materials and prosthetic treatment.

All of the maxilla and mandible models of the S Model Range are equipped with an artificial oral mucosa for the simulation of incisions, flap preparation and suture techniques as standard. Due to the integrated threaded insert on the model base, they can be attached to a work surface as well as all common phantom head systems.

We supply our mandibleswith an attached base as edentulous models alternatively with a slightly or severely atrophic alveolar ridge.

The maxilla models of the S Model Range are either available as edentulous maxilla or as model with severe alveolar ridge atrophy, various alveolar ridge defects and extraction alveoli. This also makes the simulation of more difficult procedures of the dental restoration process such as lateral bonegrafting possible.

In our shop, you will find individual product pages which present the Type S Models and indicate the respective compatible accessories. Please visit our shop for an overview.


Standard implantation, lateral augmentative techniques (no sinus lift!), prosthetic training and polyether impressions.


Mandibula S1 mucosa

Mandibula S1 mucosa

Mandibula S2 mucosa

Mandibula S2 mucosa

Maxilla S2 mucosa

Maxilla S2 mucosa

Mandibula A2 mucosa

Mandibula A2 mucosa


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